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Have questions?  Check out our FAQ section below!

“What is Squarespace and why should I use it?

I love Squarespace but it does not mean it is the right platform for you.  You can check out a few reasons why I love Squarespace here in this blog post CLICK HERE FOR BLOG POST

How much does Squarespace cost?

The first year of your Squarespace membership is covered when you choose of of Ashley Torchia’s website packages!  For more pricing head here: https://www.squarespace.com/pricing (memberships are ONLY included for paying customers!  If you were gifted a prize, won a voucher, or received our service free of charge you will be responsible for all payments for the Squarespace membership)

Can I keep my domain that I already have?

Yes, you definitely can!  There is an easy step by step process to help you connect your domain to your website.  If you use Ashley Torchia design services your domain will be transferred for you.

In order to book what am I expected to pay?

You pay 50% of your package price to save your spot on your desired (& agreed upon) date. Then on the last day of your design period, before we launch, the remaining 50% of your balance is due.

How quickly can we get started on my website?

My available dates are listed at the top of the page 🙂  I only take ONE client at a time to ensure quality work and undivided attention to their projects.  If you are unsure of which date to choose we can talk about it!  Good word of advise though when choosing: If you have your text, images and direction ready to go you can choose the soonest available date!  If you are still not sure which images, verbiage and direction you would like to go I suggest moving your date back a few months until you can get the content you need to move forward.  If you start a project without your content ready to go there is no way you can adhere to the 3 week timeline and then I cannot begin your project until you are ready to go.

How long will my project take?

Projects usually take approximately 3 weeks from start to finish.  To meet this deadline you should have images, verbiage, and overall idea of your site set before beginning.  By  not having these items ready you are at risk of your project running long.  If  you go past your 3 week deadline (because you needed more time to gather your content)  your final payment will still be due.  If the project goes long on my behalf I would then postpone your final payment based on the circumstances.
Have more questions? No, problem!  Send me a message with your inquiry to hello@ashleytorchia.com or fill out the form below?